Openscreen makes it easy for you to generate trackable and dynamic QR Codes seamlessly for your applications.

QR Codes generated by the Openscreen platform are securely stored & managed within the Openscreen cloud, as are all scans captured when end users scan your QR Codes.

Using our SDK and extensive REST API documentation library, you can quickly start managing Assets in our platform, generating QR Codes against them, and accessing real-time Scan and Contact data as people interact with your QR Codes.


The use of Openscreen’s API is subject to the following:

  • All APIs require an API key and secret which can found in the Openscreen dashboard.  

  • All API use is subject to our Terms of Service

  • All APIs are subject to Rate Limits

Openscreen Basics

Openscreen uses 4 core objects in the development and use of advanced QR Code applications:


The Asset object is the actual item or destination that your QR Code represents (example: a web page URL, an inventory SKU, a document file number, a mailing address, or an SKU).

QR Codes

The QR Code object is the graphical QR Code itself, encapsulating information about the QR Code, including the type of QR Code, intent of the QR Code (i.e.: what happens to it when it’s scanned), and other relevant information related to the QR CODE.


The Scan object is generated every time a dynamic QR Code is scanned. Scan objects are stored in your Openscreen account and include contextual information related to each Scan that is typically used for reporting and analytical purposes.


The Contact object can be used by developers to capture a profile of the individual scanning a QR Code within your Openscreen account.

Each of these objects is illustrated in the following example of a real estate agent who embeds a QR Code on a lawn sign that directs to a listing for the house:

Real Estate Example

In the example above, the 4 objects are used by a real estate agent to give prospective buyers instant information about a listing via a unique QR Code associated directly with a sign for a listing at 123 Main Street.